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Questions regarding seat covers

Q: Is it easy to install the seat covers?

You will be able to install the seat covers with the included manual particularly made for your car model.
(For some models, a common manual is provided)

Our design concept is such that the fitness to each model is highly valued. So, the cover can sometimes be a little tight. You do not take off the seat itself to install them in general. (except for some sedan models)
Use the included vinyl to cover the back rest of the seat first and then cover the seat cover on top of it. This eases the friction and makes it easier for you to install.

Q: Is there any tip in installing the seat covers?

Firstly, you are advised to check the positions where the seat edges and the seat cover edges meet by placing the cover on the seat temporarily for this purpose.
Although we just cover the seat with the seat cover, not fitting it properly would cause slacks and creases.
By confirming the edges to meet, we can fit them properly and the seat cover looks superb after the installation.

Secondly, keep the directions of sew up margins uniform. Seat covers are made by sewing pieces of fabrics. So, there is always a margin under the seams.
Especially for covers for small parts such as headrests and armrests, making the direction of sew up margins uniform creates beautiful sewing line. If the sew up lines look wavy, take the cover off and check the sew up margin's direction.

Q: How can I clean the seat covers?

Please take a look at the maintenance page as each fabric used for seat covers need different types of care.
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Q: There was some kind of smell came out of the box of the seat cover when I opened it. Will they disappear?

Yes, they will disappear. The smell is of the material used to create the seat covers.
They are volatile and cease to disappear 2 to 3 weeks after fitting the cover.

Q: Can I order only a part of the seat cover set as I have burnt a part of the cover with a cigarette?

We are offering individual parts, so you can purchase only the parts you need.
(Please note that we may not be able to meet your request if the product has been discontinued for over one year)
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Q: I want to purchase a seat cover just for the driver's seat. Do I have to purchase the covers for the entire car?

No. You can purchase one under our individual parts offerings.
However, please note prior to purchase that there could be slight color difference from other seats due to the different period of use and manufacturing period.
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Q: Ivory color of your product on the website look different from the same product on magazines. Which color is the real color?

It is difficult to recreate the same delicate color to printed materials or photo images.
The cover colors on our website are no exception. Their actual color might not be displayed as such on your computer.
We recommend you to answer our questionnaires to receive "a seat fabric sample book." This is especially recommended to customers who is considering to buy ivory, tan beige or light grey color seat covers.
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Q: Can I order through my cell phone or an email sent from my cell phone?

Yes, we accept both.
We are available to receive calls from 9:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. at 072-330-8000 except for Sundays and national holidays.
If you are contacting us through email, please make sure to write your name, address, phone number and the product details before submitting the email.

Q: I am not sure about my car's grade. How do I check it?

Shapes of car seats depend on the car's grades and are not uniform among the same models. So, car grade information is essential when you place an order of seat covers. If you do not know your grade, consult your dealer or manufacturer with your car's registration certificate at hand.

You can check the car grades of Nissan vehicles at the following website.

Q: Can you make a seat cover for a model not listed?

We do not make one-off seat covers for unlisted models.
However, we can take OEM manufacturing. Number of products in one lot depends on specifications. Minimum number for a lot is 20 sets.

Q: There are zero-formaldehyde products by other companies. How about your products?

Our Clazzio seat covers, fabrics, sponge, etc. None of the materials includes formaldehyde. So, you can use our products without having to worry about it. However, we would like you to understand this matter correctly, such as the fact that formaldehyde actually exists in natural world, too.

Q: Do you have water protection coatings to the fabric used for seat covers?

We do not apply water protection coatings to leathers, but PVC leather has a characteristics of not immediately absorbing water. So, if you dry the water immediately, you can prevent water from going in to the seat. However, water can still enter from the sewing lines.

Q: How long does it take to install the seat covers?

Rough estimates are listed below. Depending on your model, installation method and the number of parts vary. So, please consult your installation professionals or us for a better estimate of installation time.

Kei-cars 2 hours or more
Compact cars with 2 rows 2.5 hours or more
M size 3-row vehicles 3 hours or more
L size 3-row vehicles 3.5 hours or more
Sedan 3 hours or more
Sedan (Rear power seat) 3.5 hours or more

Q: What tool is required to install?

A Phillips head screwdriver, socket wrench, flathead screwdriver, trim panel tool, spatula (included in the product).

Q: Is there any shop that displays the products?

You can see examples of installed seat covers at some of our dealers. Please refer to the store locator.
* For details about displayed seat covers, contact directly to the dealer.
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Q: Does fitting seat covers leave its shape to the original seat?

Although it depends on the surface material of the seat covers and the period they were used, please expect that the seat could be shaped to some extent as we place great importance of the fitting of our seat covers. You can ease creases by matching the edges and smoothing the surfaces to fit well with the original seat.

Q: Does the seat cover attract molds?

Leaving stained seats or using wet seats without drying could cause them to grow mold. Our seat covers have anti-bacterial coatings, but this is to prevent bacteria and their smelly bacteria from growing. The best way to prevent molds is to clean frequently.

Questions regarding floor mats

Q: Can I place the Clazzio model-specific 3D mat on top of the current mat I use?

Clazzio dedicated 3 dimensional mats classified by car models are designed to fit to the car floors. However, strong force could move the mats and this could lead to some dangers. Please make sure to replace the original mat with Clazzio mats and fix them with the hooks.

Q: Is it alright not to use the hooks of the original mat or included hooks to fix the mat?

Please make sure to use the hooks to properly fix the products to your car floor.

Q: Can I use the original hook to your mat?

This product is made to be used with original mat fixation hooks.
(However, there are mat models that are not compatible with the original hooks)
Please refer to the mat fixing hook section of the compatibility table.
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Q: Clazzio model-specific mats can be washed?

You can wash both the carpet type and rubber type products.
However, as they have three dimensional shapes, you cannot use a mat cleaning machine.