Seat cover maintenance method


Adhesion of fluff, dust, or dirt

Brush lightly and remove the fluff, dust, or dirt with a lint brush.

Conspicuous entire dirt

Wipe the surface with a cloth soaked in warmwater of about 40°C and wrung tightly.
Brush the surface neatly with a lint brush after thesurface dries.
This care is effective if performed at a frequency of about once a month.

Genuine leather punching/Genuine leather part of ECT

Regularly wipe and clean the surface with a soft cloth.
A commercially available leather cleaner may be used. Do not spray the cleaner directly. Spray thecleaner onto a soft cloth instead (by following the instructions of the cleaner) and clean the surface with the soft cloth.
Be sure to try cleaning an inconspicuous part first and check that the part will not be discolored.


  • Genuine leather is a very delicate material.
    Genuine leather is sensitive to heat and water and easily stained or discolored.
    If you have spilled water or juice, wipe the water or juice immediately and clean the surface.
    It will be difficult to remove the dirt or stains if they are left for a long time.
  • Dust accumulated on the surface may cause contamination. Frequently vacuum the surface.

PVC leather maintenance method

Wipe the surface with a soft, dry cloth.
If the stain persists, remove the stains with the cloth soaked in water or lukewarm water diluted with neutral detergent and wipe the surface with a soft cloth wet with water. Then wipe the surface with a soft, dry cloth.

Long-lasting use

Be sure not to place sharp-shaped objects, such as keys or key rings, on the surface, or otherwise the fabric may be damaged. Never use organic solvents, such as paint thinner and benzine, which may discolor the fabric or cause the coating agent to peel off. Never wash the product, or otherwise the product may discolor, cause color fading, or shrink. Eleven International sells each part of seat covers for users who have difficulty removing persistent stains or want to replace damaged parts. Please understand that the parts may slightly vary in color with your products in use due to the secular changes of your products or the difference in production period. Parts for discontinued products may not be available.

Precautions for handling seat covers

  • Color migration may occur to the product or the product may become sticky if the product is in contact with any dyed material, such as genuine leather or denim, or newspaper or any other printed matter for a long time. Furthermore, color migration may result from the product to clothing.
  • The surface gloss degradation, deformation, or discoloration of the product may result if the product is exposed to direct sunlight for a long time.
    The hardening or shrinkage of the product or mold generation on the product may occur if the product is left in hot and humid places.
  • Keep fire or high-heat objects away from the product, or otherwise the material may be deformed, melt, or burned.
  • This product may be wrinkled when the product is packed before shipping. The fabric may be stretched to some extent and the wrinkles may be eliminated when the product is installed. Please understand that traces of wrinkles, however, may remain on rare occasions.
  • It is one of the characteristics of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) leather to leave a strong odor in the automobile.
    The odor may be lessened in one to two weeks. If you feel uneasy, however, store the product in a well-ventilated place for approximately one week before you install the product.
  • PVC leather will generate hydrogen chloride when it burns.
    Do not burn the product at home in the case of disposing of the product. Follow the instructions of your municipality.

Precautions for installing seat covers

  • Eleven International manufactures seat covers with importance installed to their fitness to automobile seats. Therefore, Eleven International's seat covers may partly feel tight when they are installed. Install them with force evenly applied to all the part of each cover. Eleven International conducts a sufficient tensile strength test on each product. Keep in mind, however, that excessive external force may damage the product.
  • The headrest holes on the upper part of the backrest cover (suede, genuine leather punching, ECT, or ALCANTARA type) do not expand with ease. The cover may be torn if you attempt to put the headrest into the holes by force.
  • Do not attempt to remove the plastic parts or armrest parts of the seats by force, or otherwise the seats or parts may be damaged.
  • Pay sufficient attention at the time of installing a seat cover, because you could come in contact with the metal or plastic parts of the seat and get injured.
  • You can conduct installation work smoothly if you attach the cover in the order specified in the manual. Turn off the lights in the automobile at the time of installation. If the doors are open for a long time, the battery may die or become degraded.
    Seat cover manual
  • Eleven International manufactures seat covers with importance attached to their fitness to automobile seats. Therefore, please understand that the wrinkles on the seat covers will remain when the seat covers once installed is removed.

This product uses special sewing thread for both sides of each backrest on the first row along with the opening and closing part of the SRS side airbag (regardless of whether or not the SRS side airbag is used). This sewing thread is easier cut than that used for other parts. Be careful not to apply excessive force at the time of installation. Furthermore, be sure to install the seat cover correctly, or otherwise the side airbag may not work correctly if the automobile came into collision and serious injury may result. In the worst case, it could lead to death.

* There are no formal safety standards for side airbags. Therefore, Eleven International's in-house standards apply.

Side airbag

Maintenance method of dedicated 3D mats classified by automobile models

  • If the product has gone dirty with mud, sand, and dust, remove them and wash the product.
    * It is effective to scrub the product with a soft brush.
    Use a cloth soaked in a neutral detergent to remove the dirt by lightly tapping the surface with the cloth if the product has gone extremely dirty.
    After washing, dry the product thoroughly in a well-ventilated shade and install the product in the automobile after washing. Mold generation or odor generation may result on the product if the product is installed without being dried. Never use bleach, paint thinner, benzine, and alcohol to clean the product, or otherwise the fabric may be damaged or discolored.
    Do not clean the product in washing machines, with car mat washers, or by dry cleaning.