How to choose seat covers

By choosing Clazzio you will definitely find the ideal seat covers for your auto interior and preference.

We offer over 600 different types of vehicle applications and variety of custom options. Start by choosing your favorite style and material. We offer Luxury, Elegance, Casual and Modern for all your driving needs.


feel the quality and luxuriousness

  • Clazzio ALCANTARA selection
    Clazzio ALCANTARA selection
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  • ECT Clazzio
    ECT Clazzio
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  • Clazzio R
    Clazzio R
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Ware genuine one,casually

  • Clazzio PUNCHING
    Clazzio PUNCHING
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  • Clazzio LUXURY type
    Clazzio LUXURY type
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Casual and stylish

  • Clazzio PLUS
    Clazzio PLUS
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  • Clazzio S
    Clazzio S
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  • Clazzio QUILTING type
    Clazzio QUILTING type
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Easyto dress up

  • Bros.Clazzio
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  • Bros.Clazzio type.2
    Bros.Clazzio type.2
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