Clazzio ALCANTARA selection

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Carefully selected model born from the best materials and best technology

This seat cover is finished with the best technology and ALCANTARA® as a high-quality automobile interior material with a fine surface touch of rich quality. This is a state-of-art seat cover born from the fusion of ALCANTARA® and the creative desig of Clazzio.


Product details

seat cover image details

    You can use seat belts and armrests as they are.

    A plastic hook fixing method realized by Eleven International's careful designing is compared to recovering.The inserition portion of the headrest of the backrest cover is pre-drilled.This portion is a point ease of checking the mounting position.

    *Some automobile models vary in design.Therefore,the seat cover countour and installation method may differ from the above.

    The driver's seat and front passenger seat are provided with a back pocket.Depending on the seat,the seat shape is designed to make use of the genuine back pocket.

    A dedicated manual(with photographs)is provided per automobile model.

    It is possible to install Clazzio seat covers to seats provided with automobile manufacturer's genuine SRS side airbags(see compatibility table for corresponding automobile models.)

    The products come with one year warranty for you to use at ease.

    * It does not include quilting type and Bros.Clazzio type.2.

    Eleven International provides repair service, and sells service parts and seat fabrics to ensure your use of seat covers for a long time.