Clazzio Quilting neckad

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stylish neckpad with popular quilt design.

A new quilt design neck pad is newly introduced by Clazzio.
By matching it with casual and pop Clazzio QUILTING makes your car interior more stylish.
It greatly eases the pressure to the neck to support comfortable driving.


white x Red stitch Black x White stitch Black x Red stitch Black x Blue stitch Brown x Ivory stitch
White × Red Black × White Black × Red Black × Blue Brown × Ivory


Comfortable cushion

Memory foam sponge is used internally to ease the pressure on a particular part of the neck.

popular quilt design

Piping line contours that are the same as double stitch quilts to create casual and pop car interior.

3-color lineups

Vivid red stitches are used as accents to white leather covers while black leather has a choice of classic white stitches or unique red stitches.

Installation method

Installation method1 It is easy to install
Wrap the headrest poles with the belt as in (figure 1).
(It is adjustable around 32cm to 52cm around the poles)

Next, put the belt through the metal stopper and pull the belt to the direction indicated by the arrow to fix.
Installation method2 The height of the neck pad can be changed at 2 stages by turning it upside down (figure 2)
metal stopper


  • Fabric used: Bio PVC
  • Sideline: Piping line with the same color as stitches
  • Logo: Clazzio tag
  • Belt length: 38cm


  • It may not be installed if the head rest is a non-standard type.
  • We do not take responsibilities of accidents arisen by wrong use or modification of the product.
  • Specifications and design of the product might change due to quality improvements.