Side airbag

Side airbag test

Contents of test

This test is intended to check the opening of side airbags installed on an automobile with Eleven International's seat covers installed.
The test has been carried out the cooperation of Japan Automobile Research Institute (JARI) is a third-party institution.

Vehicle with Side Airbags Installed

It is possible to install Clazzio seat covers to seats provided with automobile manufacturers' genuine SRS side airbags (see the compatibility table for corresponding automobile models).
This product uses special sewing thread for both sides of each backrest on the first row along with the opening and closing part of the SRS side airbag (regardless of whether or not the SRS side airbag is used). This sewing thread is easier cut than that used for other parts. Be careful not to apply excessive force at the time of installation.
Furthermore, be sure to install the seat cover correctly, or otherwise the side airbag may not work correctly if the automobile came into collision and serious injury may result. In the worst case, it could lead to death.


* There are no formal safety standards for side airbags (as of October 2008). Therefore, standards based on the results of Eleven International's inhouse evaluation test apply.
* Side air bags are designed to assist the seat belt. Each driver and passenger must wear a seat belt properly.

Automobile models suitable to side airbags

For automobile models suitable to side airbags, confirm the description in the side airbag field in the compatibility table.